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Yo. So the names Kim. I started this LJ when i started lurking to read Torchwood fanfiction. Which i have now grown out of over the years, yet all the fanfiction i wrote for it will stay up. I'm more into Naruto now and the Kakairu pairing, along with some other yaoi pairings. I'm also a HUGE fan of supernatural, destiel being my OTP. I intend to start writing again, writing better stuff... boy i really need to write good stuff haha but my motivation is zip so, we'll see what happens.

Well, some little basics about me, i'm Kim as i said above. I'm in my twenties and live in Dundee, Scotland. I am a carer to my young sister and unoffical one to my mother, so life is hectic and i find i have a lot of time to read/write/draw/find uninteresting things to fill my time with.

When you get to know me, i'm pretty easy going. A bit of a laugh if you have the same humour as me, if not... well, you're in for some trouble ahaha.