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07 July 2010 @ 10:33 pm
The Diary of Anton Bolden (1/?)  
Title: The Diary of Anton Bolden (1/?)
Author: [info]bloff16
Characters: Anton and Max
Word Count: 970
Summary: Parts of Anton's diary from throughout the years.
A/N: This is based off of a roleplay me and angelmouse666 are doing on msn, it attacked me today and i just had to write it, hasn't been betaed so mistakes are mine.


15th October 1457,


I've finally met the man I want to be with. It's only days away until my 24th birthday and my parents are trying to match me with a women I do not want to be with! I know that if I were to marry her like they wish me to do that I will surely go crazy. She isn't even from the same city as I am, me being in Russia's Lenningrad and her in Moscow, my parents want me to move to her so we can get a house together and combine our wealth. I personally do not wish to have this money, I wish I was poor so I could choose to be with this man that I saw fleetingly today. I only saw him because I had to go and see this girl's parents, for she was only a girl. At just 16 her parents wanted to marry her off. I wasn't happy about it and my parents knew, however they didn't know about my fancy towards other men. I knew it was against the law and they couldn't possibly want their only son to want to be taken up where the sun doesn't shine.


Anyway, back to him... my mysterious stranger! As I walked away from my parents I walked out to a small patch of grass that over looked a small lake, women puffing their chests out as they saw me and their husbands giving me and them glares. That was when I saw him though, a young girl hanging to his arm as if she thought that if she let him go some other women would grab him up, however I knew I would be the one to do the grabbing if she were to loosen her grip at all. He must have felt my stare on him as he turned to look at me, his bright blue eyes flashing as he looked over my suit clad frame. I look him over as well, I can tell he has some pretty powerful thighs underneath them trousers, and as my eyes drift higher my breath catches in my throat when I see his hair, the colour of the sun and radiating beauty. Even his face was something to be caught in. However I did notice he was paler than most people here in Russia, I'm pretty pale myself but not to his extent, it was almost a translucent pale that matched his hair.


Needless to say I was smitten, my heart raced and my hands started to sweat. I felt like a girl and all he could do was grin as he walked away from me, the girl on his arm giggling at something he had said to her.


A couple of hours later however as I was having some tea at home with my parents, I saw him walk into my house. He was a guest that they had invited over, an old friend they had said. My heart raced again and my cheeks flushed, however he acted as if he hadn't ever seen me before even though I saw his gaze last longer on me. I shook his hand as I needed to, feeling the calloused and hard working hand hold mind and give it a powerful tug. I gasped slightly as I stumbled to his chest, almost grateful that we were the only two in the room. I blushed as I realized my hands were spread out on his chest so I quickly went to move them, but his hands stopped me as they grabbed my wrists his his large hands.


As I looked up into his eyes I could see how much he wanted me, even though he didn't know me he wanted me! At that moment, seeing his blue eyes stare into my brown ones I felt a stirring in my groin and I couldn't help but blush in front of this beautiful man. His body was hot and hard against my own and I just wanted to rub against him, to undress him and take him to my room. Well, what was my room. I have my own house, I was determined to fly the nest! But as I look at this man, feel him against me I can't help but wonder if maybe I could sneak him away at the end of the night so he could show me how much I mean to him.


I know I was stupid, thinking a man like him would want me, but with him holding me to him I couldn't think anything else. I should have thought about waiting and thought things through, surely a man who had just met me, who only just learnt my name would have a reason to want me so badly! But as I watched him throughout the evening I could only feel my heart swelling for this man, somehow I had fallen in love with a stranger. And I would do anything to get Max, for that was his name. He didn't really like being called Maxwell because he said his mother called him it and she was evil. I being a silly young man did anything in my power to make him happy this evening. And as I saw him out of my parents home, he took me to the side of the house where no one could see us and he placed a gentle kiss on my lips, making my nerves go on fire as I held his hips. I hadn't ever been kissed before, and I have to say I wouldn't change my first one for anything. Nothing at all. I can't wait to see Max again. I just hope he's there for my birthday like he said he would be, with the surprise he would have for me.


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angelmouse666angelmouse666 on July 7th, 2010 09:41 pm (UTC)
I love! you gotta write more! i can't figure out how to use the cuts lol
bloff16: 11thhourbloff16 on July 7th, 2010 09:45 pm (UTC)
hehe thanks, i'll write more when i know whats gonna be next XD. i tend to copy the fic into it then highlight the thing you want in the cut and then press the cut butten with it all still highlighted. That tends to work for me.