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07 December 2009 @ 12:05 am
Romance works a treat  
Title: Romance works a treat.
Author: bloff16
Rating: All
A/N: This is based off real people so i don't own anyone but myself really ...

Kim sighed as she yet again lost another argument with her girlfriend, Tammy. It was after she had said no to sex, she hadn't been in the mood, and since then Tammy hadn't even attempted to touch her, or even kiss her. That was why she had asked her best friend over to give her some advice, it wasn't often she would ask but right now she felt like shit and was low as hell, right now she needed Joe. So when she heard the door she practically ran to it and opened the door to see Lywellyn standing there. She couldn't say she wasn't half surprised, she had expected Joe. Yet when Lywellyn pointed to the stairs Kim knew where her best mate was. He was taking the stairs. He had never liked lifts. So, ushering Lywellyn in, she waited by the door for Joe to appear. It only took a minute or two until he was visible, his long legs walking him faster than her little stumpy legs could ever hope to achieve. Gibing him a hug she let him inside and took him into the living room to see Lywellyn holding a sobbing Tammy. She figured she would talk to Joe, so she took him into the kitchen and explained to him what had happened.

My best advice would be to talk about it, but the other advice is to make her eel wanted, like she belongs in this relationship because I bet you she doesn't feel wanted.”

Kim knew Joe was right, she just didn't know how she would male her feel wanted, Tam loved romance but Kim was rather lame at making things romantic, but she knew she would have to try just a wee bit harder if she wanted to make Tam wanted. So, picking up her mobile she cuddled up to Joe and rand the number for her and Tam's favourite restaurant, she knew Tam loved the Tuna Salad from there. So, reserving two seats for 8pm she smiled at Joe. “Wanna help make me pretty?”

About 30 minutes later, Kim was read and was cursing Joe for putting heels on her, the man knew she couldn't walk in the damn things. She hoped Lywellyn had put heels and a god awful skirt on Tam, yet she sighed when Tam came out in trainers and trousers. Smiling a little she handed her money (she hated purses) to Tam to keep in her bag, Kim hated girly things and had no pockets to put her money in which was strange for her as she always had pockets. Yet she smiled at Joe and Lywellyn and took Tam's hand, she realized by the way Tam took her hand back that there would be nothing resembling love between them on the walk there. She sighed and went, hoping she wouldn't fall at all, she didn't have her boots with her. The walk was filled with silence despite her attempt at making small talk, so it was little wonder why she smiled and sighed with relief as they got to the restaurant. As she went up to the person at the front desk she told them her last name and they were shown to their table. There were a lot of couples about, smiling, holding hands and laughing at each others jokes, Kim really couldn't imagine her and Tammy being like that tonight, any other night and they would be one of the crowd … but not tonight and she figured that Tam knew that as well by the way she kept looking around with them sad, you just kicked my puppy eyes. Kim really hated seeing her like that and so she just sat down and sorted out her napkin. Her feet were killing already, she really hated heels, and Tam was looking so downcast she was surprised there wasn't a miniature storm raging above her head. Smiling as the waiter brought over some wine, pouring it into both their glasses, Kim directed her smile from him to Tammy, who was watching her with thoughtful eyes. She just wished Tam didn't think she was hitting on the guy, that would just make her night if she was accused of cheating as well as being a sex rejecter.

As the night went on, Tammy had started to loosen up and was eating her Tuna salad slowly and with care as she watched couples, even one where the guy had just gotten down on one knee and proposed. Kim found it all rather tedious after a while and she was just itching to get the hell out of the restaurant and somewhere where there wasn't happy couples everywhere. So, watching Tam finish, Kim finished off her wine and paid them, giving them a small tip as well. She always did and they always knew when she had or not. So, taking Tam out she walked her to the park where they liked to go when one of them was low. Kim had already made Joe and Lywellyn set up a little blanket with some wine .. yes more wine and no, she wasn't planning on getting Tam drunk, she doubted they would even drink it, she just wanted to sit and enjoy looking at the stars. That was something Tammy liked doing. She had also got them to bring a CD player … with batteries of course, she wasn't an eejit. Yet taking Tam over she smiled and sat down, dragging Tam with her. She knew she had to say sorry for last night and that she would have to explain, but she was rather shocked when Tammy said sorry first. She was rather surprised at that, considering Tammy had been acting like it was all Kim's fault.

I just … I over reacted. I know you wouldn't say no for no reason, it was just my stupid brain. Seeing the people in the restaurant made me think, think on how much of a bitch I've been.”

Kim shook her head and took Tam's hands in hers, everything forgotten but why they were sat here in the first place, she figured romance does work after all. “You haven't been a bitch just mildly unpleasant.” She said with a little shrug but laid down slightly, pulling the edge of the skirt down with her. She hated skirts so much! “Lay down with me?” She asked Tammy, hoping that she would agree and she would put her head on her chest like she always did. She figured Tam just liked cushion boobs. And when she did, Kim smiled and started stroking her hair, looking up at the stars like they always do, wondering why on Earth someone wouldn't want to be doing this, laying with their partner and watching the stars. She figured this was the romantic part, just them, the stars and … was that a fox?! But anyway … she figured this is what most struggling relationships needed. Was time together, alone and with stars and apparently foxs.

I love you.” Kim smiled when she heard that, her eyes closing and her hand playing with Tams hair stopped slightly, just relishing in what she had heard.

I love you to.”

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