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30 July 2010 @ 05:57 pm
Needing Him (1/?)  
Title: Needing Him (1/?)
Author: bloff16
Characters: Amelie and Sam (will be most likly have others later)
Word Count: 1,493
Summary: This is an AU fanfic. Amelie can not stand a life without Sam. What measures will she go through to get her love back?
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Rachel Caine, not me =(
A/N: My first MV fanfic... hope it's good enough.

In the darkness of her Study, Amelie was letting out several cold, wet tears as she thought about what her father had done to the man she had loved. She had yet to accept that Samuel was dead and it had only happened several hours previously, it was day time and she knew that they would hold his funeral soon. Oliver had made sure that it would be soon, almost trying to bully her into making it so. Taking advantage already of her weakened state. However she still couldn't get the image of her Sam, being dragged out from behind the curtain, his wrists burning and smoking because of the silver roped around them. She had seen the pain in his eyes and even the love and warmth as he looked into her grey ones. It was then she knew that he would happily die for her , to allow her to live while he perished just to let her run this stupid town another day. She wanted to think it was because he couldn't see her hurt any more than she was and, but thinking that way just made her wallow in grief even more and so she went for the other reason she could think of, that he wanted her to re build this town and knowing Sam, to change some of the laws he had never stopped nagging her about. But she wouldn't loose him, she just couldn't.


Hearing the lock open with a small clink, Amelie opened the door as gracefully as if she was dancing in a ball room. Her white hair was tied in a bun today, she hadn't taken care of her appearance much since the her father had come into town. Even the cream coloured silk suit she was wearing today seemed to be telling a story of misuse even if Amelie didn't pay attention to it. Her mind had been on other things and she had kept note to stay out of the public limelight. It was only now that she had been out of her Study since Samuel had passed, she had been wanting to stay on her own for she had no desire for anyone to see her power slip and her emotions set free. She had been grieving for the Vampire she had been keeping at arms length, for his own safety, however now she wished she had kept him close all those years, to have held him when he had a rough time and to show him she wasn't just an ice queen with a cold, cold heart. Even if she wanted the rest of Morganville to think that to.


As she closed her eyes, Amelie tried to rid of her thoughts and stepped through the door of Samuel's house. It had yet to be cleaned out. Amelie herself had stopped anybody who was willing to come in here and that included Michael, Sam's grandson. Taking in a deep breath, Amelie let her lips curve into a smile and closed the door behind her. The place looked like it had when Sam had obviously left it the last time he was here. Neat, tidy... and smelling of Sam. As she walked through the hallway, Amelie couldn't help but brush a couple of her fingers over a drawing that was hung up on a frame, it was a rather good picture of herself with Sam's initials at the bottom. He hadn't told anyone he could draw, only Amelie knew from when she had watched him when he had gotten tired of hearing people talk constantly, mostly about things that he found uninteresting. There was a lot of things Amelie knew about Sam, and a lot of things she would never know. Taking her fingers from the picture, Amelie took another deep breath and continued on. She was here for a reason, she had a purpose and she knew she couldn't allow herself to get caught up in old memories.


The thing she was here for was only small, and knowing Sam he would have hidden it well. Just to keep her away from it as she had threatened to use it once if she had to. If anything had happened to Sam. She hadn't realized he knew the risks of what she was saying and so he had stolen what was rightfully hers and hidden it somewhere in his home. That was why she was here, yet as she looked threw the draws in his living room, she couldn't help the hot tears that stung her eyes, blurring her vision. The last thing she wanted was for anyone to see her so vulnerable, so they could take a hold of this time of weakness, she knew Oliver would jump at the chance to take Morganville from her while she was in this state, yet she also knew that Myrnin would find Oliver a nice test subject for whatever he wanted to try and do next. Despite Myrnin's faults he really did have a soft spot for her, and she was grateful for him being there when she needed him and she knew he would take care of Oliver if anything happened to her. It was just Myrnin's way.


Giving up in the living room, Amelie went to the doorway to Sam's bedroom. She couldn't help but pause before she opened the wooden door into the room. Any breaths she had been taken, however unnecessary they were, died as she looked into the room, the dark curtains were closed against the sun and his bed was made. Only a few pieces of clothing littered the floor and Amelie couldn't help but pick them up and fold them, laying them on the bed with a small pat of her hand. She could feel the grief welling up in her again, threatening to drown her and take her down into the deepest part of her where she would not survive another day. Amelie was old, sure. She had lost many people in her years through her real life chess games or even through her own sense of hunger. But losing Sam... the sacrifice... was just not an option she was willing to keep going.


“Where did you put it Samuel... I need it.” Amelie whispered to herself as she opened cupboards and draws, moving the clothes inside carefully so as not to disturb them too much. However after a few minutes of searching at high speed with care, she had not found one trace of the item she sought. Walking out of the bedroom, Amelie glared at the small house that denied her what she wished and in a blind moment of pure rage she punched the picture Sam had drawn of her and gasped in horror as it dropped to the floor. Her anger dissipated and she could only look at the glass of the frame dotted around the torn, delicate piece of paper. She crouched down and picked the drawing up with a sigh, placing it in her pocket to fix later if she could. Yet as she stood up she tilted her head to the side when she saw the wall where the picture had been. It looked as though someone had once punched it and then covered it up, but that couldn't be right? Maybe this is it. Perhaps it's in there. Balling her hand into a fist again, Amelie punched the battered piece of wall and the cover up broke easily. She hadn't been expecting the small hole inside but she supposed it would make sense. Her fingers found an object and she couldn't crush the hope that spread through her body, cursing right through until she pulled her hand out.


All hope however, had just been crushed as she looked at the object in her hand. It was just a pile of letters. In her own handwriting. The letters she had once sent Sam a long time ago when he was still Human. Anger flared inside of her again and she turned around, glaring straight at the bookshelf she had found herself opposite. How had she not noticed that before? She quickly scanned the books on it and stopped at the one on the far end. Picking it out with care, Amelie ran her hand over the front of the old and tattered book, the black covering was almost turning grey with age. Sam had hide it all-right. But he had done so in plain sight!


“I'm going to get you back Sam...” And as she hugged the book to her chest, Amelie walked out of the house and straight into her tinted windowed limousine. She now had the means to bring her Samuel back and there was nothing on this earth, not even the consequences of her actions, that would stop her.


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