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28 October 2009 @ 01:07 am
Fatal Mistake (1/?)  
Title: Fatal Mistake (1/?)
Author: bloff16
Characters: Eira, Liam, Kerry, Ianto and Alex
Word Count: 1069
Disclaimer: I and angelmouse666  own these characters, but RTD owns Ianto.
Summary: Kerry's had an accident ... what will happen?
A/N: I just had to after reading angelmouse666 's fic when Eira got ran over! Its based on a roleplay, so yeah ....

Looking at the postcard of a sheep, Eira sighed gently. She had moved to Scotland about 7 years previously. She was originally from Wales but because she had had her little girl Kerry at the age of 14, her father had not approved and had pretty much disowned her. She didn't really mind living away from the rest of her family, she had her fiancée and her child, a good job and a nice home. But she did miss her fathers and her brothers and sister terribly. The postcard was from her father Ianto, he kept in touch as did her siblings, She hadn't seem them in a few years, her dad Alex had kicked her out at 14 with the newborn and she and Liam had left that year. Putting the postcard down, Eira went over to the sink and poured herself a cup of water, she always hated getting postcards from her family because it reminded her how far away they were … how much she missed them all. Yet hearing the phone she sighed and picked it up, surprised to hear an unfamiliar voice answer her. Listening to the man on the other end, Eira's blook ran cold and she tried hard not to panic. Something had happened to her family … it was being threatened. Yet, hanging up she pretty much ran into the living room and woke her fiancée Liam from his sleep. She told him what had happened and she could see the panic wash over his face immediately as he got up and grabbed a coat, going to the car and starting it. Eira followed and got in as well, buckling up they drove to the nearest children's hospital and asked at reception where to go. Being told they went and Eira nearly burst into tears when she saw the site that greeted her. Her child … her baby was laid there, body broken, battered and bruised.


“Wha.....” Was all that came out of her mouth before Kerry's headmaster came over, he was in obvious distress. She bet it was about the paperwork he would have to do, she knew he hated Kerry. She was a bright wee kid and he hated that she could tell him the answer to a question he probably didn't even know the answer to.


“I'm sorry, it was playtime … no one was keeping an eye on her.” He said to her, voice calm despite his dishevelled appearance. “She ran out in the road, the local bus was passing by, the Doctor's said she's lucky she survived the initial blow.” He said with a small shrug that grated at Eira's nerves.


“So … you didn't think to look after her?!” She asked him, pretty much yelling it, tears were streaming down her cheeks as Liam held her to him, his own tears coming down as he watched their daughter and her heart monitor beep lazily. “You didn't think to make sure no child got out the gates? What kind of a headmaster are you?” She asked him, looking him up and down, it was an obvious attempt at dishevelled. She could tell he had just ran a hand threw his hair multiple times to make it look like he had paced, thinking on what to do for hours.


“I don't know, I did think about it but I guess the playground staff weren't thinking about it.” He said with another lazy shrug, Eira was so close to hitting him, he obviously didn't care that one of his students, one of his best students was laid in that small room fighting for her very life, he didn't seem to care that if she did die, his school would have a black mark against it, who would want to send their child to a school that let them run out on roads?


Just go back to that place, you obviously want to be there and not here, you don't even give a sh...” Eira frowned as she was cut off by Liam's hand over her mouth, she wanted to rant, rave and slap this man but she knew that if Liam was keeping her silent he was doing it for a reason. So, moving his hand, she kept her mouth closed and just glared at the headmaster, going into the small room that Kerry was being kept him, one of Liam's hands locked in her own. She didn't want him to wander off and get hurt.


Sitting down by the bed, Eira took one of Kerry's hands in her own, despite being only 7 years old, Kerry was bright and as bubbly as any child could be, her hair was a bright blond just her Eira's yet she had Liam's eyes and nose. They figured she had her own lips. Yet despite having all them looks and the brains of a child much older, Kerry had found it hard to make friends, whenever they moved her school she always found it hard and they had no idea why, they didn't want her to be a loner, they didn't want that for anyone but all their attempts at getting Kerry to socialise hadn't worked out well. She would either outsmart the child or she would just be far too quite for them to want to play with her. It had always broken Eira's heart to see it, but she hoped, if Kerry got through this she would make friends at a new school. A better school.


Want a drink babe?” Liam asked her, she barely registered it but nodded her head.


Yeah please hun, could you get me something to eat as well?” She asked him, she knew she probably wouldn't eat it, or drink the drink he got, she doubted he would either If he got himself something but it was good to have in your hands and hold, at least for the time being. Yet, getting up herself she went out the room and down to the waiting area. She needed to phone her dad … she needed someone to be here for her. So dialing the number she had for her dad Ianto, she almost sighed with relief when he answered. She had almost forgotten what the Welsh sounded like, her accent had changed to Scottish. “Da …. I need you. There's been an accident....”


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