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13 June 2009 @ 06:54 am
Naked Hide and Seek  
Title: Naked Hide and Seel
Author: bloff16 
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairings: Janto
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: SEX!
Summary: A game of Naked Hide and Seek and Ianto wins!
A/N: My first fic in a while, please please be nice, i have no beta so any mistakes are mine ... i also have a bad habit of over using the COMMA!

“Three …. Two …. One …. Ready or not!” Ianto yelled, feeling like a child. A rather naked child. Jack had made him agree to play some 'Naked Hide and Seek' and right now Ianto was regretting his ever consenting to this hideously embarrassing game. After playing three rounds of it he realised Jack cheated. Not only did he cheat, but he always stood somewhere so Ianto could find him! IT was like the man wanted to be fucked! Yes, that is another rule to this game, If your found, your fucked. Ianto had, so far managed to convince Jack that three out of five would give him ample enough time to actually hide, yet he knew straight off he would find Jack because, out there in the dark, spacious Hub was a palish figure trying to not hide behind a plant. “I've found you.” He sighed as he walked over, Jack's face lit up with a grin grin as he put his hand on his hips, mock annoyance lacing his voice.
“How on earth?.... You must be cheating!” Jack exclaimed, making Ianto roll his eyes and sigh dramaticly, if he was honest he couldn't wait to get to the next bit, even if his already semi-hard cock was having a hard time from deciphering that it wasn't already happening. And Jack, being Jack, walked right over to him, grabbed the back of his head and kissed him hard, impatiently. Ianto could already feel his knees go weak with the affect of Jack's powerful kiss, but he knew he had to stay strong and be the boss, as was the rule in 'Naked Hide and Seek', so reluctantly pushing Jack off, Ianto put his own hands on his hips and raised an eyebrow to him.
“Now that was just plain naughty! I do not cheat!” He said to him and raised an arm to point to Gwen's desk. Jack loved it when they had sex over her desk for he knew what Gwen felt for him and he liked leaving her little presents behind. Ianto however found it rather disgusting. “You know what to do, I'll have to punish you.”
“Yes Sir!” Jack explained and practically ran over to Gwen's desk, dumping her work on the floor he leaned his forearms on it with his arse sticking out. Ianto had to admit to himself that he loved the view! Yet, quickly going to their clothes they had dumped Ianto picked up the lubricant Jack had assured him was there. He had brought his own just in case, Jack had a habit of 'forgetting' so Ianto would have to run around the Hub trying to find some. Yet now he was going back to Jack, Ianto wished he had brought his camera with him, if just to snap a secret shot of that gorgeous arse! But, alas, he hadn't.

Squirting some lubericant onto Jack's entrance, Ianto couldn't help but moan as his cock jumped when Jack let out a rather husky moan, especially when he rubbed his thumb over the tight opening. “Mmm Yan.” He grinned, he loved hearing Jack say his pet name whilst like this, made him feel in control, like Jack wasn't some hero out saving the universe but a man who Ianto could please. Feeling he had teased Jack enough with the rubbing of his hole, Ianto began to slip a finger inside of him, Jack relaxing straight away, some soft moaning coming from him. “Like that?” Ianto asked as he slipped in a second, slowly scissoring them to stretch the other man, his only response was a nod of the head and a delicate moan.

After stretching Jack enough, Ianto finally decided that his own hard, aching cock needed some attention, so before he went and put a condom on he wrapped his hand around his member, groaning slightly as the pleasure rushed through him, he was already leaking pre-cum and he knew that if he didn't shag Jack now then he would probably not get a chance until he's cum this first time. “You ready for me Jack?” He asked as he finally pulled his own hand from his member, ripping open a condom packet he slowly slipped it into his cock. Again, his only response was a nod. So, putting a hand on Jack's hip and another on the base of his cock, Ianto slowly, teasingly pushed inside of his lover. A part of him wanted to just slam right into Jack, to make himself and his lover cum, yet the heat; the tightness of Jack was making all rational thought abandon his mind, Jack was his drug and by god he was a great drug! Pulling his hips back until his 7" cock was nearly out of Jack, Ianto thrust his hips forward; getting deeper than he had when he first entered. “God Ianto.” Jack drawled, his voice husky and accent strong. That combination made Ianto close his eyes and place his other hand on Jack's hip also, completely losing himself in the other man. Groaning loudly, Ianto thrust his hips harder, faster until he heard Jack telling him to stop, that he wanted to ride him. So, gently easing out of him, Ianto let Jack lay him on the rather cold floor, yet even the cold could not lesson his raging, almost painful hard-on. Yet as Jack slowly lowered himself onto Ianto's cock, all thought rushed out of his mind, for Jack was riding him like there was no tomorrow! By the look on Jack's face, Ianto could tell that he was hitting his prostate with every movement, but the one thing that was sending Ianto wild wasn't the way Jacks' muscles rippled under his slightly tanned, yet still pale skin. It was the way his 8 and a half inch cock bobbed with his every movement. He knew it was rather soon to be feeling close to completion, but he was, he had been even before he had slipped his member inside of Jack. Now he could just let go. “Jack I'm close.” Ianto mumbled, his hands holding Jacks hips again as he now started to push his hips up to meet Jack's, knowing that his own cock would get deeper inside of his lover. Feeling Jack move slightly so he was leaning over him, Ianto looked up into his lust darkened blue eyes before Jack's lips were on his, pushing his mouth open with his tongue in a hasty kiss, Ianto returned it with renewed passion, a hand snaking between the small space that was left between them as she started to tease the head of Jack's cock, mercilessly rubbing the slit, using Jack's own pre-cum as a sort of lubricant as he slowly pumped the top half of his lovers cock. Ianto knew, however that with Jack's gasp that broke the kiss, he would soon cum. And a few seconds after Ianto felt Jack cum in his hand, the warm, thick liquid covering his right hand and his own abdomen. “God.” Ianto moaned as Jack tightened around him even more, sending him into his own orgasm. Spurting his load inside the condom that he wore.

Opening his eyes, Ianto realized that Jack was no longer on him, but instead laid down next to him on the hard and cold floor of the Hub. Idly stroking some strand of hair that must be stuck to his forehead. “Jack?” Ianto asked as he tilted his head up slightly to smile, he must have passed out with the intensity of his climax. Jack, as ever just leant in and placed a soft kiss on his lips, it was the type of kiss Jack gave him after he had just been fucked like that. Remembering the condom, Ianto looked down to see it was removed and he was pretty clean, no more cum on his abdomen. “You cleaned me up?” He asked, looking at Jack again who had a look of glee in his eyes. “Yeah I did, and I also managed to find your stopwatch! Remember, you thought you'd lost it? Well, now we can time each other when we play 'Naked Hide and Seek' and the person who takes the longest time to find the other gets fucked.” Ianto sighed inwardly, that was the reason why he had hidden that damn stopwatch!
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hab318princesshab318princess on June 13th, 2009 02:39 pm (UTC)
hey, well done! good on you!
bloff16: Skatesbloff16 on June 13th, 2009 09:44 pm (UTC)
I actually had a lot of criticism from this but its kinda obvious. Hopefully i'll get a Beta out of it which is fab!

hab318princesshab318princess on June 13th, 2009 09:51 pm (UTC)
oh yeah, a beta would be good but it's just great that you posted fic again in the first place

(I'm not going to volunteer as I'm currently doing wrianojune and also would like to concentrate on you, not the fic!)
bloff16: Safron head turnbloff16 on June 13th, 2009 11:39 pm (UTC)
Yeah, i'm glad i managed to pull one out actually, it seems like forever since i wrote anything! Yeah i've got someone looking over it for me, so it could be reposted.

(Oh thats fine! =oD )