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10 June 2009 @ 05:31 pm
My Biggest Ever Roleplay post!  
Just thought i would post it hahaha, its from my board Hogwarts ~ A Differant View ... when i was playing Dumbledore, now its changed and Dumbles is dead! HAHAHAHAHA

Albus listened to the boy speak, he knew the boys name and age. Now that he remembered what his parents were. Ablus new everything about his new students, and seeing as this boy had been here for a year already he was quite surprised to find that he had to come here for a quite place to think, and that he would actually go to his dorm before curfew. So, letting out a chuckle, Albue looked down at the boy, his eyes twinkling with mirth. "Dear boy i know you won't go back to your dorm, but, i also don't mind. I know how much it means to take some time to yourself, I'm sure a dorm full of Slytherins can't really be good for anyones thoughts." He said with a smile, showing Cormac that it was a little joke. Albus didn't go abusing his power as Headmaster, he would never put a house down, no matter how much of a bad reputation it had, it was just not in his nature. And he hoped, really hoped. That it never would be in his nature.

Hearing about Harry from this boy made Albus sigh and looked around the room, at the blank, dark stone walls. No doubt sporting a coating of moss, what with the dampness of the air and the look of moister on it. He wasn't sure whether he should talk about Harry to this boy, but then again, maybe telling the boy what he wanted to know would put his mind to rest, would make him go to his dorm before curfew. Maybe save him from being caught by a teacher, or even Peeves. Albus wasn't sure what he should do when Fawk's flew past them. He knew it was time to get up again, whatever Fawk's had an idea on, he was intent on getting it. And yet, he wasn't ready to get up from this rather, strangely comfortable bench. To leave this young boy in an old corridor to mull things over in his head. He knew his parents were DeathEathers, but surely that was not what this young lad was thinking. Surely.

"Harry Potter." Albus gave a little puff of a sigh as he looked to the boy, whatever his reasons for wanting to know, Albus could see is was sheer curiousness. And who was he to deny a child of learning something. Yet, what did shock him was when the boy said Voldemorts name, sure with a little hesitation, but he still said it, he had more guts than Albus had thought before. "Voldemort was with us here in Hogwarts in Harry's first year, he was ... a part of our defense against the darks arts teacher, Professor Quirrell was a mystery to all of us, teachers and students alike. But Harry stopped Voldemort from getting the stone, in which case Voldemort took another vendetta against him," Albus said, not quite sure where to stop with this tale, but he knew that he shouldn't leave anything out, not i he wanted the boy to sleep tonight. "With the Chamber of Secrets, Harry again stopped Voldemort, yet this time he was in the form of Tom Marvolo Riddle. Looking as he was before he decided to become who he is today. Even if the evil was in him then. Last year, i don't think Harry did anything to him then, no, he didn't." Albus smiled, knowing that one year, Harry had been free of the Dark Lord's clutches. "Yet, as it's going this year, I'm not sure we're going to be as lucky." He said with a sigh, he knew Harry could not have entered himself into the Triwizard tournament, yet who had? Was it one of Voldemorts followers, trying to get Harry killed the easy way? He wasn't certain, but he was sure to find out!

Looking at the boy now, Albus gave him a smile. "Anything else you wish to know?" He asked him before remembering about Fawks, so, getting up he looked down at the boy, looking so much smaller than he had done before. "Do you care to join me in finding out what it is that Fawk's finds so interesting down here?" He asked the boy, it would save him sitting around in the dark, thinking of endless things that would just bring on more questions than it would answer them. Besides, he could really do with some company. "Oh, and as for your Slytherin friends putting Harry's name down, that may be because of Draco Malfoy." He said, wanting to explain this to the boy. "You see, Mr. Malfoy has had a hatred for Harry since there very first night, when Mr. Potter refused a friendship even before they had been sorted into their houses, i think now, it has grown into loathing, as Harry is in Gryffindor and seems to get more famous by the day." He said to him, smiling a little as he took in the boys expression. "Besides, Mr. Malfoy gets fed information from the DeathEater's. what with him being in their 'social circle'." He said again.

The boy needed to know what he was getting himself into if he was going to enter into a friendship with Draco Malfoy, Albus himself didn't really like the boy, he saw himself as being above everyone, even himself. No matter how hard he had tried to calm the boy's ego, it had never worked. So eventually he had given up, even put him on the quidditch team, well ... he hadn't really had a choice, his father was a high figure, and also a very threatening one as well. Albus wasn't normally a man to be threatened, and he wouldn't have agreed if Malfoy hadn't of had some agreement term anyway. So either way he had looked he had had no choice, he knew how hard it was for Harry, even the boy's friends when Draco Malfoy had rubbed it in their faces, but there was nothing to be done, and that was something Albus didn't like. Was the fact that the Malfoy's could bend someones will so they will see that they are right, not that person.
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